A while back on a bicycle tour around the Dingshan area whilst [re]searching zisha clay and clay related items near here
Yixing ceramics city signwe came across a lot of “old stuff” as some might call it. I call it Zeitzeugen.

mill stoneNot many of those old mill stones are still in operation these days as heavier machinery took over, so most of them seem to have found their way here somehow. Not all of the stones in the pictures below would have been used to crush clay rocks but some where also popular for food and all other kinds of things that could be crushed with some benefit.

For the occasional private moonlight clay sourcing on HuangLongShan some seem to occupy themselves with mill stones like above might still be used today. Privately. Like on Facebook

4 thoughts on “Zeitzeugen”

  1. Great blog! I would LOVE to get some of those stones! I have a few of the tofu grinding ones that I use for tea trays, but the ones for grinding zisha ore would be incredible to own!

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